What Factors Contribute to Dry Lips?

What Factors Contribute to Dry Lips?

The lips are among the most sensitive parts of the body . Even then, they often do not receive proper attention and as a consequence they may become dry and subject to injury. Dermatologist Kaliandra Cainelli explains the main factors that facilitate dryness of the lips, a transition region between the skin and the mucosa.

What Factors Contribute to Dry Lips?


Cold and dehydration causes dry lips

“The lips are dry by excessive exposure to the sun and cold. The application of saliva repeatedly also dries out, as well as dehydration and some diseases, such as psoriasis. Lack of vitamin B, radiation therapy, allergy to lipsticks and toothpaste are also causes of dry lips, “the medical list.

According to the expert, the hydration of the lips can be done in several ways, including the use of moisturizers specific to the area. “Products based on lanolin, shea butter, panthenol and grape seed extract, for example, can be used. Avoid saliva on the lips , use moisturizing lipstick and sunscreen, drink lots of water and eat healthy food. In cases of allergies, we should change cosmetics and toothpaste, “he says.


Seniors should pay more attention to lip care

When you notice that your lips are dry, be sure to seek medical help or take some of the care your dermatologist has given you. The dryness of the lips can cause bleeding, bruising and fissures that become a gateway to bacteria and fungi, leading to infections that should have a more complex treatment.

Kaliandra highlights some groups that need to pay extra attention to the lips. “Elderly patients should be more careful, as are those who often expose themselves to extreme cold or the sun. We must also redouble our attention to patients with allergies and diabetes. “

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