Tips for Giving Hair Shine

Tips for Giving Hair Shine

Who would not want to have beautiful, silky, shiny hair? The brilliance of hair has always been taken as synonymous with healthy hair.

To achieve the effect, the threads must be well treated, healthy, with cuticles closed and with a kind of protective film that retains brightness, thus reflecting the light.

To have shiny hair, do not just use a good shampoo and conditioner, you need to always moisturize as maintenance, not just after the wires are dry.

That is, for the hair to be shiny, it needs to be healthy, strong and resistant. If the hair is dull, something is not going well.


Lack of Estrogen?

When I was on contraception, I had silky, shiny and healthy hair. After I stopped using the contraceptive, my hair became dull, dry and lifeless. The dermatologist said this negative effect on my hair was the lack of estrogen I had on the contraceptive. According to him, estrogen is everything for the hair and when the woman begins to have estrogen drop, worsens the quality of the yarn.

So if you have very dull hair, and do everything to improve the glow, there is probably a lack of estrogen. But even if that is the case, there are some measures we can do to improve the quality of the yarn and provide a bit more shine.

Tips for Giving Hair Shine


The role of capillary hydration is to replenish water and oil, nourishing the wires. However, hydration does not close the open scales when the wires are dry and malnourished. In this case, a treatment that closes the cuticles, such as the restructuring or cauterization done in the salon is necessary.

Shine Bath

The gloss bath with moisturizing cream and paint helps to provide an intense glow. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of moisturizing cream; ⅓ of the color of your hair (less than half); 1 ampoule of vitamin or one tablespoon of Bepantol /Panthenol.

Mix the ingredients and rub in the hair (not washed). Leave on for 30 minutes and then wash normally. The color of the ink should be exactly that of your hair.

Tips for Giving Hair Shine


The Tonalizers also has the function of giving shine to the locks. Choose a tone just like your hair to revive the color and give it a shine.


The leave-ins contain agents that form a film on the wire, help close the cuticles and increase the shine of the hair. Shine sprays, ointment, finishing oil, combine cream and silicones can also contribute to the shine.

Sloth to give shine

The slug is great for hair because it has several amino acids essential for the formation of proteins. It has vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and B13 and various minerals. The Babosa is perfect to define the curls, to avoid falling of the threads and still to give a great shine to the hair. For a good result, some applications are needed.

Apple Vinegar to Brill

the apple cider vinegar seals the cuticles. With this, the hair is more aligned and reflects the light better. Apple cider vinegar balances the pH of hair and also gives shine. To give shine, mix in a glass of water and a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. After the hair has been washed and conditioned, apply the mixture. Remove excess water and do not rinse; let it dry naturally. Do this whenever you feel dull hair.

Tips for Giving Hair Shine


A balanced and healthy diet is important for the beauty of your skin, nails and hair. Nutritional problems leave hair dry, brittle and lifeless. And when too oily, they can be a sign of an unbalanced diet. Deficiencies of some vitamins and minerals also cause other damages such as hairloss.

Here are some nutrients that help shine hair.

  • B vitamins: help nourish the scalp.
  • Vitamin A: Helps strengthen hair.
  • Magnesium: is essential in the formation of proteins such as keratin (which forms the wires).
  • Calcium: the deficiency of this mineral makes the hair thin and brittle.
  • Sodium: helps to control the water content inside the wires and gives brightness.
  • Potassium: is very important to maintain flexibility and hydration. .
  • Zinc: it gives the strength to the hair.


To Keep the Brightness You Should Avoid

Avoid washing the head with very hot water. Hot water extracts all hair shine. Prefer the lukewarm and at the end, always rinse with cold water. The thermal shock at the end helps close the cuticle of the wires.

The sun, the drier, the sea and the chlorine in the pool are villains who also dry their hair. So always wear sunscreen for the wires and an anti-thermal before performing the brush.

Avoid doing too restrictive diets: lack of nutrition leaves hair weak, dull and lifeless.

Also avoid applying excess chemicals, such as permanent dyes, progressive brush and discoloration. These chemical applications steal amino acids and keratin leaving dull hair.

So if your hair is opaque, it is not always a simple task to solve (ex: simply pass a spray that gives shine). It is likely that your hair is not healthy or your estrogen level is low. One must investigate the cause of why it is opaque and lifeless. However, making constant hydrations, taking vitamin and mineral supplements, and using slug helps to keep them strong and resilient.

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