Tips for doing Makeup on Mature Skin

Tips for doing Makeup on Mature Skin

Each skin type needs specific procedures and cares at the time of makeup and the same rule applies to mature skin. Makeup on mature skin, what’s the best way to do it? Know some tips to get it right! Here’s how to make a beautiful neutral make-up.

Tips for doing Makeup on Mature Skin

It is not true that as the years go by, more and more makeup is needed to cover the expression marks of age. On the contrary! It is much better to learn to value the face in every period of life.

The secret to making a perfect make on mature skin is not to sin for excess. The balance between the products used and the softness of the colors create a harmonic effect and do not leave the skin marked or cracked too.

With a little care and attention with your own features and the particular details of your face, you can be sure that the makeup will be able to make you even more beautiful, regardless of age!


5 Tips from an expert to follow without fear

No more doubts when applying makeup to mature skin! The makeup artist Carolina Machado explains some tricks to get it right when it comes to makeup:

  1. The choice of products is very important. With age, the skin tends to get a little drier than it was before, so investing in makes that have the moisturizing factor is ideal. Avoid dust and bases with dry cover.
  2. Also, look for products that offer natural or illuminating effect to soften and brighten the face and minimize the appearance of lines of expression and deeper creases.
  3. At any age, the area of the eyes is the thinner region of the face, and deserves double attention! Therefore, the makeup artist strongly indicates the use of primer or moisturizer in this place, always passing before applying the concealer.
  4. In relation to the shadow, prefer to use the satin shadows that do not mark as much. The sparkling and the opaque can have a not-so-cool effect on mature skins, for drawing a lot of attention and overdating creases.
  5. And, if you like dark lipstick, there’s no such thing as not being able to wear it! Carolina Machado states that it is a myth that he leaves the woman with the appearance of an older woman. “If it’s included in a lightweight, harmonic and well-built composition, it will look stylish with a bolder grip!”


Step by step: neutral make for mature skin

Following the tips of makeup artist Carolina Machado, learn how to make the perfect make for mature skin:

  1. The first step, always: clean and moisturize! Wash your face thoroughly, dry and apply a moisturizer to your face. Caprice in the eye area.
  2. After the moisturizer, it is still important to pass a primer, which leaves the skin softer and smoothes the appearance of the pores.
  3. Base time! Choose a light and soft finish – the liquids usually have these characteristics. Some bases also have sunscreen and anti-aging factor, and are even more indicated! Apply without pressing with a brush.
  4. For the concealer, apply small amounts to the skin and scatter lightly with your fingers. This will leave [the finish smoother and the skin even.
  5. On the eyelashes, a mask layer is always welcome! Choose a mascara that emphasizes what you prefer (more volume, longer lashes) and pass on the upper lashes.
  6. Do not forget your lips! As the eye make has already been smooth, you can choose the color you like most for the mouth. Pink and coral shades look great and are always a great choice.
  7. Finally, why not a little twist on the cheeks? Choose a blush in shades of pink or peach and spend a little on the cheekbones. Your makeup is ready!


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