The Best Tips to Keep Your Nails Healthy

The Best Tips to Keep Your Nails Healthy

With this habit of painting the nails all the time, problems also arise. But painting your nails every week does not hurt as long as you take proper care.

The Best Tips to Keep Your Nails Healthy

Nail health is an indicator of overall health, as certain nail abnormalities can indicate health problems. Therefore, it is important to be alert to nails.

The most common complaint with nails is that they become brittle. The fingernails become brittle because they get very dry – which makes them stiff, and break easily – or because they are too wet – which leave them soft with a tendency to break.


Why do nails become dry and brittle?

Many people do not take care of nails as they should. Nails can become very dry and split at the tips if exposed to dry heat, detergents, chemicals, acetone or excessive enamel removers.


What can you do for the health of your nails?

A healthy nail should ally the use of specific products, daily care and especially a sufficient intake of protein, vitamin A and B complex and minerals like zinc, iodine, iron and calcium. Poor nutrition and the scarcity of the nutrients cited result in nails becoming weak, breaking easily and frequently, peeling, staining and becoming irregular. In addition, they are also more susceptible to disease and fungal attack.

In addition, hydration of the nails is very important. It is recommended to drink plenty of water and use specific moisturizers for your nails.

Hands and Cuticles

Hydrate the cuticles too. In addition to moisturized cuticles, the hands also deserve special attention. Direct contact with cleaning products, dust, pollution, and chemical agents causes the skin to dry out and, consequently, the nails become weak and brittle.

A good solution is to use a moisturizer, because while it moisturizes intensely, it creates a protective film against external agents harmful to the skin and nails. When doing housework or gardening, protect your hands with gloves and hydrate intensively at the end of work.


What is the function of the nail base?

The bases protect the nails and prevent the enamel from coming into direct contact with the skin. The bases prepare the surface of the nails to receive the enamel. A base is used to improve enamel attachment, to facilitate its application, and to protect the nail from the enamel colorants, which are potentially stain-causing. Some bases also have components that treat the nails leaving them strong and well nourished. Whenever you do your nails, never stop using a base before ironing the nail polish.

Nail Base Tips

  1. Nail Primer, Cosmix Pro Nails . Its main function is to ensure the fixing of false nails. However, because it contains bactericidal and fungicidal substances, it preserves the beauty and health of natural nails.
  2. Nutribase Line, Colorama . The brand invested in a line of nutritious bases, which leave the nails strong and healthy. Each of the formulas contains specific assets that treat common Brazilian nail problems: pro-growth, pro-strengthening and pro-leveling.
  3. Vitamin Base, Impala . It acts from the root to the tip of the nail. It is rich in vitamin E that has anti-inflammatory, healing properties and helps in the natural regenerative process.
  4. Nail Strengthener, Big Universe . According to the manufacturer, the product has a unique formula based on calcium and a combination of natural ingredients such as honey, clove and cinnamon that help strengthen and stiffen the nails. The strengthener still has bactericidal agents to protect cuticles and mineral oils with high levels of purity
  5. Line Treatment Eliana Super Pearl . Strengthening base with calcium and recuperative base with keratin
  6. Colorama care protection base for weak nails . Base with satin touch, the base Nails weak increases the resistance, prevents breaks and splinters of the nails. Strengthening, and acting as nail hardener, and extra brightness makes the enamel ever new and shiny, and with drying oil helping in drying without changing color.


Drying Oils

The drying oil has the function of helping the enamel to dry faster, preventing the enamel from being smudged or creating balls. Protects against dust, scratches, and smudges while maintaining the beauty and brightness of the enamel for longer. Usually the oils are rich in minerals and have restorative and protective characteristics that soften and nourish the nail.

Nail polish tips

  1. Enamel Drying Oil Hazque Oil
  2. Spray Drying Glaze Dote
  3. Impala Spray
  4. Neez Instant Enamel Cleanser
  5. NG Enamel Drying Spray

Removers of enamel

The removers without acetone are great and do not dry the nails as acetone does. In addition, they leave the skin looking hydrated, and the nails shiny – with the same efficiency of any acetone when removing the enamel. In addition to not drying the nails, the removers prevent the nails from becoming brittle and brittle.

Enamel Remover Tips

  1. Ricca Enamel Remover
  2. Océane Enamel Remover
  3. CareLife Enamel Remover
  4. Fenzza Enamel Remover
  5. Mavala Enamel Remover

And do you agree? Do you have any special tips that you wear on your nails?

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