Taking Care of Your Cuticles

Taking Care of Your Cuticles

The habit of taking cuticles is very common. However, the cuticle is a skin with a very specific function that is to protect the nail in all its base. It prevents the entry of bacteria, fungi and preserves the shape and quality of the nail. Therefore, the American and the European do not take them. Instead, they moisturize and take good care of them.

Taking Care of Your Cuticles

Instead of cutting off the cuticles, the best alternative is to invest in reducers, softeners, and moisturizers that make them behave and look healthy. Those who have the habit of removing the cuticles make them larger because the skin has the capacity to be stimulated: when the cuticle is removed, it will always be redone.


What is cuticle?

It is the layer of skin that attaches the finger to the nail. There is the inner cuticle, which is the one that is attached to the nail, and the outer cuticle, which is around, in the finger itself.


To keep your cuticles without removing them, follow some tips:

  1. Thread a cuticle softener around your fingers, waiting between 3 and 5 minutes. If you do not have this product at home, apply a moisturizer and dip your hands in a pot with warm water.
  2. Then pick up an orange slice or a spatula and gently stroke it all the way around the nail so that the cuticle stays in place. At this stage, the excesses of dead skin will protrude and you can cut them with sharp pliers – but only those that are raised.
  3. Then, wipe your fingers with a towel to remove excess cream, sand your nails and apply a moisturizer to your hands. Now, just choose your favorite enamel and leave with hands, nails, and cuticles beautiful.


Moisturizers for Cuticle

The secret to getting away from the pliers is hydration! Spraying moisturizers, oils and ointments prevents the cuticles from drying out and shivering. Hydration helps the cuticles to behave more. This helps not only the cuticles but also the growth of the nails, providing strong and healthy nails.

If not specific moisturizers for the cuticles, you can use hand creams, coconut oil, argan oil, rosehip oil or almond oil. The important thing is to moisturize your cuticles! The ideal is to hydrate twice a day.


Cuticle remover

For those who want to stop taking cuticles with pliers, a good idea is to use cuticle removers. The function is to help “melt” the cuticle, but what actually happens is that the cuticle remover removes excess dead skin around the nails. Here are some suggestions for cuticle remover:

  1. Cuticle Remover, Mavala
  2. Sally Hansen Instante Cuticle Remover
  3. Mira-Cuticle Complete Avon Cuticle Reducer
  4. Velox Cuticle Remover

The cuticle remover is a creamy product that you should apply on the bottom of the nail, on top of the cuticle, and with this go do a massage so that the product penetrates better into the skin. In the first week of use you should apply on alternate days, so your skin will adapt to the product, after all, are new compounds that will stick to your skin. It is remarkable the difference in both the reduction and the softness of the place, in addition to the main: while protecting your nails from fungi and bacteria that you are exposed when you extract the cuticle with the nail pliers.


So, should I stop taking the cuticles?

The Brazilian woman grew up by hearing that nails well made are those well cutiladas, that give a more delicate aspect to the hands. However, experts say removing this is a health-damaging act, since it is our first immune barrier, preventing external agents from entering our bodies and causing disease. That is: the body sees this action as aggression.

That is, it is a bad habit for health, but with a strong cultural heritage. To take away or not the cuticle is, of course, the decision of each one. I think, before removing, it pays to invest in these procedures of hygiene and beauty, and not take your cuticles with pliers.

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