Simple Make-Up for Party: The Tricks of a Versatile Make

Simple Make-Up for Party: The Tricks of a Versatile Make

The advantage of a simple makeup for partying is that it is versatile for daytime events and with a subtle flair of glitter gets glamorous for the evening. In addition, they are practical for those who are starting in the makeup and are a shock to those who already are experts in the techniques.

Simple Make-Up for Party: The Tricks of a Versatile Make

The clear looks are neutral and elegant that combine with different skin tones. Already for a relaxed occasion, you can opt for color dots that make the make of the obvious. To learn how to make a simple makeup for party, check out a step by step, plus videos and photos that prove that simple make is nothing basic.

Simple Makeup for Party: Step by Step

  1. Begin moisturizing the skin with thermal water and apply primer or concealer on the eyelid for better fixation of the products;
  2. Apply a light foundation to leave the skin soft and lighted;
  3. In the outer corner of the eyelid, there is a neutral shade of light, like light brown. For an even more natural effect, you can replace the shade by peach tone blush;
  4. If you wish to emphasize the eyes, apply pigment or bright shade on the eyelid;
  5. Apply eyelash mask;
  6. Pass a concealer in the area under the eyes for better finishing;
  7. In the cheekbones, blush smoothly and with the aid of a brush;
  8. Just above the cheekbones, apply illuminator;
  9. Just finish with a lipstick of your choice. If you want to highlight your lips and let the powerful make, bet on a red. To combine with the charm of the eyes and to compose a discreet look, opt for nudes or light pink.

It\’s super easy, is not it? In addition, this makeup is versatile for occasions throughout the day and nighttime events.

There are inspirations for skin tones and varied face shapes and it is cool to point out that what matters is that you feel good about the final production. And you, already have a favorite make to test at the next party?

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