Makeup Tips to Make You Look Older

Makeup Tips to Make You Look Older

Historically makeup is an important step for the transformation of women, a well-made makeup can cause the effect you want, look more cheerful or more serious, more youthful or older, and several others. Many women feel the need to look older in some settings, especially at work, where it is necessary to achieve a position of equality with men, in addition to existing prejudice with women in some jobs, the face of very young can sometimes accentuate inequality. In addition to the clothes, haircut, and accessories that can help look older, makeup can also be a great ally, which is why in this article we will see some tricks to look older with the help of makeup.

Makeup Tips to Make You Look Older

The first step of any makeup is always the preparation of the skin, the skin should be properly cleaned, washed with soap and then pass a tonic, or an astringent for the deepest cleansing. In the market today there are various skin cleansing products, which will according to your skin type, dry, medium or oily, choose the most suitable.

The second step is the application of a moisturizer, this step is very important and should also be used one suitable for your skin, then apply a primer, the function of primer is to uniformize the skin, decrease oiliness, close the pores and fix the makeup for longer.

The third step is to apply base, of a suitable tone to your skin, apply the base with a scabbard or sponge. After applying the concealer on imperfections that are still apparent.

The fourth step is a hint to look older, usually more oval faces look more childish, to look older is important to make an outline. Contour techniques are as varied as possible, but all have the purpose of accentuating the angles of the face. The most basic contouring technique that matches almost all face shapes is this: With a two-tone shade darker than your skin tone, mark the points on the forehead near the hair root, the sides of the nose, the bone of the cheek, well below where the blush (up to two fingers of the mouth) is applied, in the lower part of the face, chin and jaw; With a corrective two shades lighter than your skin, you will mark the middle parts of the forehead, middle of the nose, below the eyebrow, above the mouth, and below the mouth as well, and the part of the face that goes from the dark circles to where the blush is applied. With a suitable brush you will fade everything until it “disappears”, but the effect is that of a more angular face.

The fifth step is also a tip to look older, well done and marked eyebrows make that impression, so invest in a product for eyebrows, so that they look more pronounced.

The sixth step is eye makeup, if you want to look older should not be used very light and cheerful tones, the brightness here is also not very suitable. The ideal are dark matte shades, some options other than black are the diversity of shades of brown, wine, shades like rosé can also be used. One tip is to make an eyeliner without the “kitten”, only on the eyelid. A basic makeup for the eyes to look older is to first apply a not too dark brown and try to go smudging with the black, suiting to the schedule and environment that you will use this makeup.

The seventh step is another tip to look older, dark lipsticks, as it was said above the dark tones to pass the impression of older, any lipstick dark tone beyond passing sobriety also passes the idea of an older woman. Before applying the lipstick remember to make the contour for a more perfect application.

The eighth step is the application of the blush, this can be in wine or cinnamon for example, and the illuminator, give preference to illuminators in a tone of gold.

There are some makeup mistakes that make you look older but not in a good way. Use base lighter than the color of your skin for example, or pass a lot of mascara until the lashes stick together giving the impression that you have little eyelashes. Remember to try to look older but with tricks that still leave you with beautiful makeup.

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