Makeup Tips to Make Face Look Thinner

Makeup Tips to Make Face Look Thinner

After the holiday season, all the help is few to get a leaner and slimmer figure, and the face does not escape the rule. When used correctly, makeup can be a great ally of a woman, making it possible to achieve finer, more elegant features by putting some very simple tips into practice. If you thought that only contouring techniques deliver the illusion of a sharper face, be prepared to surpass these tricks!

Makeup Tips to Make Face Look Thinner


Bet on the power of the eyeliner to give the illusion of a thinner face

Incredibly, the outlined style can also guarantee the illusion of finer traits. When making a kitten, bet on drawing the tip with a higher angle than normal – this way, it is possible to give the impression of a more elongated face. To achieve the effect, do not prolong the natural eye line; instead, focus on the highest point of it – just above the iris – and continue straight toward the ear, then fill to the outer corner.


Opposite the contour, the strobing technique is also an excellent ally

If the outline of make is not your forte or if you prefer something a bit lighter, the trick is to bet on strobing, which, using the illuminator, highlights the highest points of the face. Apply a little of this product along the top of the apple face, straight to the temples, fading very well. For an even more powerful effect, it is still worth applying a little of the product just above the eyebrow and at the top of the nose.


Application of the blush is key to a face with fine lines

To make a rounder face thinner, blush application is essential. The tip is to bet on the product a little above what is customary to create the illusion of stretching. Instead of keeping the rosy tone directly on the cheeks, try placing it on the top of the cheekbone, fading diagonally towards the temples. For a professional finish, bet on the creamy texture and brush for base, applying in circular movements until achieving the desired effect.


Lift the eyebrow arch for a sharper look

Another excellent tip is to slightly raise the arch of the eyebrow to give the illusion of a face with fine features. The trick is to bet on the beige pencil or on the illuminator to strobing to highlight the protruding bone and then with a specific fill pe

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