Makeup Tips to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Makeup Tips to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Anyone who has small eyes suffers and always wants a tip to make them look bigger. Those who have big eyes want to make them look even bigger.

After all, who does not want big, expressive eyes?

Makeup Tips to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Of course, those with small eyes need not suffer as much. Sometimes taking on the little eyes can be an act of liberation and less of a nerve in your life. No one is bound to be a slave to rules or standards, is not it?

The eyes is the most expressive part of the face, so this region is often chosen to gain prominence through makeup. However, eyes with a very small shape can disrupt the production, leaving the look somewhat dull. To solve the problem, simply invest in some simple makeup tricks, which give the impression of increasing them.


The right-tone concealer and elongated lashes ensure larger, more open eyes

The first step is to have your eyelids rested. Calming stickers or cold compresses reduce swelling and soften lines of expression. Next, prepare the region with a specific primer and concealer to disguise possible dark circles and match the tone of the skin. Choose a slightly lighter shade than the face to lighten the area and apply it around the eyes to ensure a uniform finish.

Eyelashes are the most important part of the process. When doing the makeup, do not forget to highlight them with the curvex, since the tool is able to give the impression that the eyes are bigger and more open in a few seconds. Finish the upper and lower eyelash strands by combining two masks, the first with elongating formula and the second to give volume. A thin line of eyeliner gives the impression of thickening them even more.

Makeup Tips to Make Eyes Look Bigger


Illuminating shadows enhance the eye area

Besides the classic black, it is worth investing in other colors as well. Navy blue, for example, creates the effect that the eyes are whiter. However, regardless of the tone chosen, apply only half of the eyelid outside, close to the lower lashes. As for the water line, the best option is a clear pencil, such as white or beige, which ensures a brighter, more open look.

For shadows, give preference to vibrant shades, such as blue, pink, lilac and silver, for moving eyelids and use a dark color to define the outer corner. Avoid formulas with the matte finish, except to mark the concave of the eyes. To further highlight the region, illuminate the inner corner and the area just below the eyebrows, which should be well made and defined.

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