Makeup Tips for Women with Black Hair and Dark Eyes

Makeup Tips for Women with Black Hair and Dark Eyes

When you have black hair and dark brown eyes, there is not much you can not do with makeup. You can do the eyes since your eyes are so dark and your hair acts as a frame to tie everything together. Your eye and hair color will also add balance to a defined, shiny or brave lip.

Makeup Tips for Women with Black Hair and Dark Eyes

In contrast, it is almost effortless to take your carefree appearance to impressive with some tips that will outperform your natural beauty. No one pulls bold or bright shadows like a lady with dark hair and eyes as well.


Improve your skin color

Bright and gorgeous skin is the best canvas for any combination of colors for the hair and for the eyes, so you will want to improve your skin color if you are going for a natural or dramatic makeup look.

Go to a makeup counter to help get the perfect combination for your skin. The goal is to balance your skin tone, hide blemishes and ensure that there is no obvious line where the makeup finishes. Depending on your skin, you can achieve this with a BB cream, DC cream or a pure and medium coverage base.

Accompany yourself by applying a featured product with subtle gold glitter, to the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the bow of Cupid to accentuate its beautiful beauty.


Improve Eye Color

The key to making your eyes more intense is black eyeliner and mascara. Use a pencil, a gel or even an intense shadow to align your eyes.

Accompany the blackest mascara you can find in the formula that fits your needs right now (thickening, stretching, etc.).

Always align the top cover and the outside of one-third to one-half of your bottom lash line. Depending on how dramatic you want your look to be, you can also align the waterline.


Three Big Looks You Can Use

There are several ways you can play your beautiful hair and dark eyes regardless of skin tone. Try one of these three examples, but remember that you are not limited to them. Its features can take daring tones very well, so do not be afraid to experiment.


Of course beautiful

Using only pencils and mascara on your eyes will give your dark eyes a subtle definition, a drama almost no, and not just make your eyes stand out, but make the whites of your eyes look whiter.



Mess a little dark brown (if your skin is light to medium) or black (through darker skin tones) delineate it along your upper whip line and the outside of a third of your bottom whip line.

Apply a pencil and then run over it with a cotton swab for a diffuse and dull effect of naturally thick lashes. If your lids are oily, place the liner with a similar colored shade. Put on a mascara that sets the whip to accent the eyes without looking overly.

Strong eyes

The brown eyes look especially fiery when paired with a faded eye. The deeper your skin tone, the easier you can make the deeper colors work for you.

Blurred eyes

If your skin is dark, you can sweep a black shadow from the lash line almost all the way to the crease, from the inner corner to the outside, and then disappear with a lighter brown, pink or another color that you want to incorporate into your See .

If your skin tone is lighter, try gray or black, then shade the lash line and the outer corner with black for extra drama. Other cover color options may be brown, navy blue, plum or hunter green.


Completing a bold look

If you are looking for a serious drama for one night and have a daring personality, choose a bubbly glow or a lipstick and a pink or pinkish rose that will cheer your cheeks without seeming obvious. If your eye shadows are mostly matte, you can give a hint of sparkle here; if your shadows reflect light with a brightness or brightness, choose a matte blush.


Concluding a more subtle look

The look of bold eyes and lips at once is not for everyone. It can easily turn into a competition between eyes and lips for most skin tones (especially light to medium).

If you want something more discreet or suitable for a greater variety of occasions, look for a creamy shade of nude lips to counteract the intensity of the eye shadow and a subtle pink rose. Keep away from lip tones with too much luster or glow, as you want the focal point of your face to be your eyes.


Strong mouth

Regardless of your skin tone, your dark eyes and hair will balance a daring lipstick shade and you will not need too much makeup to look like you’ve spent a lot of time preparing. You will be polished, professional or sexy with minimal effort.


Colors to use and colors to avoid

There really are not any colors that you should always avoid based on your hair and eye color. As both are very dark, nothing will conflict with them. Focus on your shadows instead.

If you have soft tones, stay away from the shadows of yellow or golden shade and look for royal purple tones, deep turquoise, cobalt blue, and chocolate brown.

If you have warm tones, you can do your best to avoid cool grays, pinks and blue tones, and instead look for tones like gold, rust browns, and olive.


Putting it all together

Having black hair and dark eyes means you have the perfect screen to explore deep colors, bold, neutral tones. You can take any aspect of natural to dramatic. Eye shadow palettes are usually a fantastic bargain when you can use almost any color. Have a neutral lip shadow and your favorite brave in hand all the time, and you will always be ready for any occasion.

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