Makeup Tips for Women Over 60

Makeup Tips for Women Over 60

Just as appearance care changes over the years, so do makeup tricks. Women from the age of 60 should be careful not to damage the look with bets that valued them decades earlier. Avoid mistakes with tips from beauty artist Penelope Beolchi from Pink Management and makeup artists Mirian Costa from Dailus Color and Natalia Antunes from Lumi Cosmetics:

Makeup Tips for Women Over 60

1 – Use primer (a product that should be applied before you start to make), because it decreases the perception of superficial lines and disguises the pores, according to Mirian;

2 – Lifting concealer can be used on dark circles, lines, nose and mouth corners. Leave the conventional for spots and freckles, which need more coverage;

3 – Give special attention to dark circles, which usually accentuate in the inner corner of the eyes. Put more product in this corner and spread it until, when you reach the crow’s feet, it is gone;

4 – Mature skin tends to become dry. So prefer creamy or mousse bases, which are more moisturizing;

5 – Avoid accumulating any excess in the regions of the lines. Dispense face powder if necessary at least in these locations. “It’s better to hide 20% of imperfection and look natural than to want to hide 100% and look too much makeup,” Penelope said;

6 – Creamy blush gives the makeup a healthy and fresh look, in Penelope’s opinion. Apply on top of the apple in a slanted way, which raises expression. Color suggestions include reddish-brown, soft pink, bronze, and orange;

7 – Use lipstick without pearl or sparkle. Is that the brightness applied in lines makes them stand out more, according to Mirian;

7 – For those who have many lines around the lips, Penelope’s suggestion is dry lipstick to prevent it from dripping. Pass the contour pencil in the same shade of lipstick over the entire mouth and finish with some creamy lipstick just in the center;

8 – Forget sparkling shadows, because they make the lines look deeper, Penelope reminded. Opaque colors (brown, gray, black, military green, and navy) give depth to flabby eyelids. Set the area below the eyebrows and apply a soft orange, beige shade or a brush of blush;

9 – Delete from the list shadows in powder, since they mark the lines of the eyelids, as reported Natalia;

10 Dark, opaque shades of eye-contour pencil (brown, gray, black, military green, and navy) reduce puffy eyelids, Penelope taught. Trace inside the tear line decreases the eyes and outside increases;

11 – One trick to look up is to make a very fine stroke at the root of the upper lashes. In Natalia’s opinion, pencils at the bottom of the eye and dark powdery shadows should be avoided as they enhance bags and give a drooping appearance. Ideally, mark the eye contour with a brown shadow;

12 – The eyelash mask rejuvenates a lot, preferably black.

The mature skin of those who are 60 or older deserves the same care we used from an early age. The most important item is the moisturizer as it is the level of skin hydration that will determine the setting and application of makeup .

The makeup is very soft and aims to highlight the strengths and give luminosity. The foundation and concealer must be flawless, and that make-up trend that does not seem to exist can be adopted. No excess dust, it should be used only if you need to remove the shine, if any, as it further marks the wrinkles and expression marks.

Eye pencil and blush are items that deserve more attention at the time of use as they can detonate the skin work. The pencil should be used on the outside corners to highlight. And to fix it use smoky black eyeshadow over it. Colors are not prohibited, but when chosen should appear only with light touches to give a special air. Nothing more than that.

The blush serves to give you an air of health, colors such as light pink and coral are very welcome and match any style of makeup and clothing. At the top of the cheeks below the eyes and at the temples use illuminator that will look natural on the skin of any age.

To finish the lipstick, how about a gloss? If it is daytime, a nude suits very well, while for night wear it can have a touch of glitter. Try it! It is perfect.

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