Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Because they are the most common in the world, brown eyes can often not be as prominent as the lighter. However, the owners of a look with this shade can be carefree: there is also beauty in what is seen most often! And for those looking to stand out among so many people with the same look, just abuse the makeup tricks that can enhance the look and make the make of the region more illuminated. Check out!


5 Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

1. Illuminating the inner corner of the eye makes the look more intense

The trick of lighting the inner corner of the eye has already become wildcard for all sorts of make-up, but dark eyes can benefit especially from the technique. This is because it brightens and opens the eye, making it more intense and deep, and is excellent for days when the brown iris gives the impression of dull and tired eyes. The golden eyeshadow is perfect yet to be used as a unique element in the region, as it gives an instant expression boost without much effort.

2. Wine or plum shade is ideal for highlighting the brown tone

One-color that promises to highlight the brown tone of the eyes is wine or plum. The color is strong and catching, but calm: it does not need to be used intensely. Used softly close to the lashes or smoky all over the moving eyelid, these shades highlight the red pigments of the brown iris, giving the illusion of a lighter look and highlighting the region. Enjoy that the wine shade is high and experiment with the color!

3. Black eyelash mask and eyeliner are essential for eye makeup

By contrasting with color, black is the best way to ensure the illusion of lighter brown eyes. When choosing the mask and eyeliner, make sure that your formulas are highly pigmented to achieve the effect. The same is true for all iris colors: the darker shade in the eye contour always gives the impression of a lighter shade.

4. Green is also key for brown-eyed women

Also on the rise at the moment for an eye makes, green is a hint to enhance brown eyes. The tones are complementary, making them favor each other in a mutual way. The tip for those who are afraid to dare is to opt for warmer, more discreet greens, lightly blurring the lower lash line.

5. Smoky earthy tones are wild for those with this eye color

A good smokey eye never goes out of style and, according to the shade colors you choose, the effect can greatly highlight brown eyes. Earthy tones are perfect for deepening the look without leaving a heavy look, especially those with gold or reddish background.

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