Makeup Tips for 40 Year Old Woman

Makeup Tips for 40 Year Old Woman

Many women think that getting to age 40 with a look both modern and stylish is possible only for the famous. Although there are no strict rules when it comes to makeup, some tips and tricks can help to further enhance the beauty of women in this age group. From the ideal lipstick finish to the nail shape that brings a bit more sophistication to the look, pay attention to these five tips to value your strengths and look even more beautiful.

Makeup Tips for 40 Year Old Woman


Value and Invest in Your Eyelashes

The look is one of the greatest weapons of the woman, and the lashes are an essential part in the moment of highlighting it in the makeup. Over the years, lashes tend to lose a little volume and curvature, increasing the feeling of tiredness and drooping eyelids – things that every woman wants to avoid. To get the most rested effect on makeup, invest in lots of eyelash curler and eyelash mascara masks. The latter are the best option for mature women because they tend to have lighter formulas than volume and curvature.


Striking lipsticks can be sophisticated and elegant

Mature women need not be afraid to invest in striking lipsticks. Wear lipstick well-contoured lips is what matters most at this time of makeup. Betting on lipsticks with classic, yet powerful tones – such as burgundy – are excellent ways to achieve a style that elegance and boldness. Avoid lipsticks that can drain, opting for slightly creamy or matte – ideal to be applied on top of a lip balm that moisturizes well the area.


Invest in nude glazes for a modern effect

Wrong who thinks the nude glaze is something that does not like a modern effect on the hands. The tone is a trend in the universe of nails, and never fails to appear at the tips of the fingers of the most famous Hollywood artists – and of all ages, worth remembering. The nude enamel has the enormous advantage of lengthening the nails and, especially, of combining perfectly with any tone and style of makeup and clothes chosen by whoever wears them.
In addition, the palette of colors and finishes that nude glaze meets is huge and allows options that fit into any mood, occasion, and age. Whether with a tone that is closer to your skin with a matte finish or with a tone that is drawn to the gray with a creamy finish, play in the nude and always be young and elegant!


Filling and drawing eyebrows gives the makeup a more expressive look

Unfortunately, parts of the face tend to lose their strength when the woman reaches age 40, and the eyebrow is one of them. Responsible for shaping and framing the face, well-designed eyebrows are essential for expressive visuals. However, because makeup allows for many avenues, having powerful eyebrows does not have to be selective. Bet on fills with pencils, eyebrows or shade, adapt to your eye type and hair color and finally discover the power that a brow drawing suits you.


Bet on different and soft nail shapes to enhance your enamel

Decorating nails with nail art may not be what you want for your look, but adopting a more modern nail shape is a great option to stay tuned to trends while maintaining the elegance that age demands. The almond shape, which differs from the stiletto by having the finer points, is a great choice for smoother styling of the hands. For those who can not get their nails to grow, bet on round nails or squares with rounded sides, also known as squoval, can be a good way to get out of the ordinary and get a modern result.

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