Makeup Tips and Tricks for Mature Women

Makeup Tips and Tricks for Mature Women

Over time, the signs of aging of the skin are emerging. The skin becomes more flaccid, the lines of expression become more marked, the wrinkles appear, the appearance is tired. The makeup, which accompanies women in various stages of life, also serves as an ally to disguise the signs of age. Just use some tips and tricks.

Makeup Tips and Tricks for Mature Women

The secret of makeup for mature women is to hide the lines of expression and leave the face looking lighter and younger, but without exaggeration.

To receive the makeup and leave the skin always beautiful, you need to use moisturizing creams. Dimethylaminoethanol creams ( DMAE ), an agent that increases the production of collagen that helps stretch regions such as eye, lip, neck and face contour, are the most indicated.

The concealer should be applied only to blemishes and imperfections and spread all over the face, which should then receive a light layer of base on the skin tone.

Compact powder is the ultimate makeup villain for mature women . When applied all over the face, it makes the signs of expression even more evident. Therefore, it should be applied with the help of a specific brush and only in the T region, which usually exhibits excessive brightness.

One trick of makeup for mature women , which serves to divert attention from wrinkles, is to highlight other parts of the face. Highlight the eyebrows by applying a little brown or gray shade respecting your design. Dim the inner corner of the eyes with strong tones and the outline of the eyes with softer colors such as beige and brown.

Avoid translucent and bright shadows, opt for more opaque colors. To give a healthier appearance, gently deposit the blush at the highest point of the cheekbone and on the lips use creamy lipsticks in softer tones such as nude and light pink.

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