How to Use Gel Eyeliner + Video

How to Use Gel Eyeliner

How to Use Gel Eyeliner – Women who love sharp and intense eyes in makeup should certainly try and buy a Gel Eyeliner. The product is not new to the market and has several fans around the universe of beauty, both beauty professionals and anonymous who love any product able to mark the look.

The gel eyeliner came to ease the life of the modern woman and eventually helped to increase the stroke. The product, made in gel, comes in a little pot with a small brush with an extremely fine beak to help in the trace. Its great differential is the product being soft and very sensitive to touch: just a little to spread and create the drawing in the makeup or the highlight in the look. The extremely fine brush also helps in dexterity when doing eye makeup.

How to Use Gel Eyeliner


Advantages of Gel Eyeliner

According to users, those who use gel eyeliner never want to use any other product. Especially it makes thicker strokes with cat eye makeup. It is not so easy to draw something so thick and punctual with a pencil and still have to make the tip. Differentiated eyebrow designs also make it much easier with the gel to glide and shape itself better.

The older the product gets, the thicker it gets, the more consistent it is. There are those who see this as a disadvantage, but it is an advantage: it becomes easier to apply. With a more consistent liquid, there is less risk of error because it does not run off if you brush too hard. And if it hardens, just soften it with vegetable oil, saline or melt in a water bath. There are some tricks from the good make-up artists not to lose the product.

The gel eyeliner also lasts longer on the skin than the retractable and ordinary pencil model. This is already a great differential for those who need a long-lasting makeup, such as for a wedding or party.


How to Use Gel Eyeliner (Video)

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