How to Remove Waterproof Mascara

How to Remove Waterproof Mascara – The waterproof eyelash mask is one of the greatest advances in cosmetics. But just as it can be very useful for beach days, swimming pools and heat, it is also true that when you get home it can be a nightmare to remove the mascara remains from your eyelashes without losing half. But although it is difficult to obtain, removing this product is possible by following some advice, that is why at this web we explain how to remove the waterproof eyelash mask without suffering.


How to Remove Waterproof Mascara

Steps to follow:

  • First of all it is good not to abuse the waterproof mascara in that retouching it several times a day could make its removal much more complicated. This product has an adhesive that makes the mask fix better to the eyelashes, being less likely to run with water. But if you use too much, removing make-up could be very difficult.
  • If you want to go for the easy alternative buy a commercial eyelash mascara remover, whichever you prefer, and use it as your ally.
  • Wet a special cotton to remove makeup with a little warm water and apply first to the eyes to soften the mask, then wet a little cotton and add the cleansing product. Pass it gently through your lashes, it is not necessary to exert force.
  • You may need at least one pair of cottons to remove the entire waterproof eyelash mask. Make-up remover wipes for eyes are also a good alternative, but always remember that it is not necessary to scrub.
  • An excellent natural option to remove the mascara from waterproof eyelashes is olive oil . This product helps you get the job done without drying or damaging your skin. Just soak a cotton ball with olive oil and pass it gently through your lashes, you will see how you do not need too much to remove all the mascara.
  • Another home remedy for removing waterproof mascara is petroleum jelly . Due to its greasy composition makes the eyelash mask come out easily, without the need to rub or damage our eyelashes.
  • And following with the oils, coconut oil is another ideal option to remove the waterproof eyelash mask with ease. We can use it in the same way as olive oil, and it is enough with just a bit to get our eyelashes clean.
  • Always remember that it is not necessary to exert too much pressure or scrub with great force the cotton or makeup wipe in your eyes, in this way you will avoid losing eyelashes unnecessarily. It is always advisable to moisten the cotton with warm water before using it, in this way its roughness will not bother you.

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