How to Remove Makeup Stain from Clothing

How to Remove Makeup Stain from Clothing

How to Remove Makeup Stain from Clothing – Do not despair: taking makeup stains from clothes can be simple and possible if you have the right products at home – like detergent, mild soap and hydrogen peroxide! Is that the sooner you remove the base, concealer, eyelash mask or fabric liner, the less risk of permanently staining your piece. Who has never smeared the collar of the blouse with the base, accidentally sneezed drops of the product or brushed the dust at the end of the blouse? Check out 4 quick tips on how to remove the stain without ruining the fabric!

How to Remove Makeup Stain from Clothing


Neutral soap removes makeup stains on fine fabrics

If the fabric is thin, be careful when applying any product because the risk of spoiling or smudging is even greater. The ideal is to use a neutral soap, which has no dye, or the coconut soap. Apply to the stain and gently rub the laundry under running water. You can also warm the hot water to expedite the removal.


Check out 4 quick tutorials on how to get makeup stains:

To remove makeup stains, simple products that everyone has at home are simple: detergent, makeup remover, hydrogen peroxide and cotton for most make and lacquer products, which also help remove lipstick. One tip is to always place a thicker, dry cloth on the other side of the fabric so that the stain does not drain to other parts of the fabric.


Tip 1: Water and detergent

  1. Wet the cotton with water and a little neutral detergent;
  2. Rub lightly on the stained area, with movements in one direction – that is, nothing comes and goes;
  3. The stain will come out a little bit, and if it does not come out completely, you can put it in the machine to remove the rest. If you want to use the clothes on time, apply a little biphasic makeup and dry the piece with a blow dryer.


Tip 2: Detergent and dry towel

  1. Apply a little neutral detergent with your fingers, lightly pressing the stain on the clothing;
  2. Then, make the same step warm water, as if you were massaging the stained part of the fabric;
  3. Now press a towel over the fabric to absorb the stain and dry it with a dryer. The clothes will be ready to be used right away!


Tip 3: Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. Apply a little hydrogen peroxide on the stain and let it soak for a few minutes;
  2. If the stain does not come out naturally, apply a little more and rub the fabric gently under running water.
  3. Next, wash the garment normally.


Tip 4: Water and Water

  1. The laquê can easily remove lipsticks from fabric. Apply some of the product on the stain;
  2. With a clean brush, lightly rub the lacquer on the stain until it leaves;
  3. Then remove the lace from under running water and you’re done!

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