How to Prevent Dry Lips in Dry Weather

How to Prevent Dry Lips in Dry Weather

Drinking plenty of water and investing in moisturizing lipsticks are essential attitudes for a healthier mouth.

How to Prevent Dry Lips in Dry Weather

Burning, burning and mild discomfort. These are the symptoms when you have your lips parched . Whether in winter or on very dry days, it is common to have dryness on the sides of the mouth, causing redness and high sensitivity. But after all, do you know why this happens?

For a variety of reasons: low air immunity, excessive sun exposure, poor nutrition, poor water consumption, and the use of lipsticks that are not ideal for you. Combining all these factors with the false “recipe” of wetting the lips with the tongue, these symptoms aggravate, much, the dryness of the lips.

Take care of your mouth every day

Just like the hair, skin and nails, your mouth deserves to have all the attention. For this, nothing better than to wear lip balm every day before leaving home. They protect the lips against the sun’s rays, moisturize and prevent against dryness.

Forget the old habit of wetting your mouth with your tongue. Saliva contain salts and its acidity causes the reverse effect of what is expected, further increasing the level of dryness.

Choose the right lipstick

There is no point in opting for cosmetics with much more affordable prices. You should choose those that feature moisturizing components in the formulation such as vitamin E, karit butter and waxes.

But if the degree of dryness is high, causing cracks and even bleeding, you should seek your dermatologist, who will prescribe ointments with antibiotics capable of solving your problem.

Prefer lip balm lipsticks

Cocoa butter? Yes, it’s a great way to protect your lips. But you need products that aid in cell reconstruction. To do this, invest in lip balm lipsticks .

Known for not having concentrated colors, they have very moisturizing formulas. You find in the cosmetics market several brand options, with different values. To use, just apply it on the lips before you pass your usual lipstick. Since it has no oily appearance, they moisten the lips and can be used alone as well.

Drink lots of water

For both aesthetic and health treatments, drinking at least two liters of water per day is essential to keep the body hydrated. It is proven that the more there is intake, the greater the elimination of toxins from the body through the urine.

The same goes for lips. The more you consume foods rich in vitamins and the intake of water, the better the body’s hydration in general.

Moisten your home

When you realize that the day is intensely dry, try to spread buckets of water around the house, as the droplets will evaporate and you will have a more warm and moist environment.

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