How To Make an Eyebrow: Easy Tips for You to Follow at Home

How To Make an Eyebrow

Arched like those of Marilyn Monroe, full like those of Malu Mader, well defined as those of the model Cara Delevingne: knowing how to make a well-made eyebrow makes all the difference and helps to give personality and balance to the features, some references are incredible, it is not advisable to try to copy the famous formats.

You can not deny that knowing your own face, respecting your features and having in mind the image you want to convey are points that require attention when conquering the perfect eyebrows. Those who already have the well-designed yarns can do the house maintenance in a practical way. Learn how to make your own eyebrows according to your face type, plus tips and product suggestions.

How to make eyebrow step by step

Below you can check out a basic step-by-step guide on how to make the essential markings so you do not get lost in maintaining your eyebrows and making them more symmetrical:

The distance between the beginning and the end of the eyebrow, as well as its point of arching, should be kept in proportion. According to the professional, these markings are responsible for creating an aesthetic balance in the face, in addition to reinforce some traces of expression; for example, “the arch can be controlled, to light or more pronounced, the more arched, the more sensual the look, because it elevates this region,” explains Banqueri.

For those times when maintenance is not enough and the retouching of the drawing is necessary, it is recommended that the work be done by a qualified professional. And an observation that should be made both to those who are going to take care of the eyebrows at home and to those people who prefer to entrust them to someone else is that all materials should be sanitized previously.

The ideal shape for each face

Each face type requires a different eyebrow shape as each one favors and highlights our individual strokes. We invite the designer of eyebrows Raphaella Bahia to clarify which format of eyebrows harmonizes with each face. Check out:

Round face

How To Make an Eyebrow

According to the designer, the well-filled eyebrows are ideal for people with round faces. Fine eyebrows tend to make the cheeks even more prominent because they are “erased”. The tip of the expert is “to choose a more arched shape to divert attention from the width of the face”

Triangular face

How To Make an Eyebrow 1

For the designer eyebrows, the triangular face combines with arched and rounded eyebrows.

Square face

How To Make an Eyebrow 2

According to Raphaella, the square face calls for “angled, straight eyebrows with a sharper curve at the tip.”

Oval face

How To Make an Eyebrow 3

The ideal shape according to the expert, is a style a little arched and long. Raphaella stresses that “if the face is very elongated, the eyebrows can not be very angular, because it is in imbalance and transmits arrogance.”

The specialist recalls that each face has its particularities, therefore, each case must be evaluated individually by a visionary or professional. Raphaella stresses that it is necessary to “evaluate the lifestyle and personality of women, in addition to the features of the face and musculature. What works for one will not work for another. “

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