How to Lighten Nails Stained with Dark Colored Enamel

How to Lighten Nails Stained with Dark Colored Enamel

Having yellow nails is a major nuisance for many women. Some of the causes of this problem are the use of dark color enamels and acetone based enamel removers.

How to Lighten Nails Stained with Dark Colored Enamel

When a dark enamel is applied directly onto the nails , without the use of the transparent base before, the enamel pigments adhere to the surface of the nails , which can leave them with a different color from their normal appearance.

Acetone-based nail polish removers are another enemy of the clear nails .

This is because this substance removes the natural moisture from the nail, causing chemical changes that cause the yellowish appearance.

Removing dark enamels and applying light glazes later can be quite laborious if you do not know a few tricks that make this process faster and less aggressive.

Here are some valuable tips to get away from the problem and always have well-groomed nails.

Tricks to keep nails free of yellowish appearance

  • Before applying the nail polish, always apply a foundation. If you want extra protection look for bases enriched with moisturizers and nutrients in its composition. The bases also contribute to the durability of the staining;
  • When removing enamel, use non-acetone removers. These products are a bit more expensive, but guarantee the healthy appearance of the nails. When applying the remover, take care not to make sudden movements. Ideally, the movement should be from top to bottom and use sticks to remove the enamel from the corners;
  • After removing nail polish, if nails are yellowish, use one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide (volume 10) mixed in 100ml of hot water and leave your nails soaking for ten minutes. Wash your hands thoroughly;
  • Another option is to dissolve two denture-fixing tablets in 100ml of warm water, dip a brush and rub it on the nails;
  • If you are not adept at home recipes there are nail bleaches for sale in specialty cosmetic stores, these, in addition to perfumed, promise to remove stains and give uniformity in the texture of the nails;
  • Be careful with the nail material, if it is shared with other people or you nail it with the salon equipment, make sure the hygiene and sterilization, because yellowish nails can be a sign of fungi or infections that can be transmitted through a manicure kit;
  • Always use a moisturizing cream on your fingernails without enamel, as moisturizing contributes to the maintenance of the natural nail surface protection film.

Be aware of the health of your nails and seek a dermatologist if the appearance of the nails remains altered, as different colorations, deformations, pallor, weakening, and marks may be a sign of some disease that should be treated by a specialist.

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