How to Have Straight Hair

How to Have Straight Hair

Straight hair is great for anyone, especially for square and round heads, as it adds length. This article will take you through the basic procedure of maintaining the straight hair after it’s straightened.

Have you been sporting curly, wavy or kinky hairs for long and find it to be mundane stuff or just want to be different from the crowd and do something different to your mane? Basically, have you ever had really messy or unkempt hair that either always goes fuzzy and leave you yearning for a solution to how to have straight hair? No matter what you do to straighten your hair, within no time at all it goes back to being curly?  Look no further than – using a hair straightener is the perfect solution to your hair woes. Hair care is one of the most common grooming highlights, and so everyone has learned and still developing tricks to do to their hair in order to look good. One of the easiest and most common tricks is using hair straighteners to iron out your messy hairs. Simply follow the process outlined below and you will have straight hair in no time. Simply take small sections of hair, place the irons at the root of the section and work through to the ends. It has been observed that applying light pressure at the root and increasing the pressure towards the ends gives you better results and provides better control of the hair.

How to Have Straight Hair

Shampoo the hair and then apply a hair conditioner to the hair Hair will still show curls and waves. To somewhat get rid of the waves or curls in your hair, brush at the same time while using the blow dryer. Apply serum to hair. The amount depends on type and length of hair. Spread serum in palms and rub into hair, smoothing the hair along its length. After washing, use a blow dryer or if you prefer, you can air dry it. Use a hair dryer and paddle brush and start drying the hair encouraging straightness by brushing through the hair as you dry. Set the temperature of the hairdryer to medium until hair is completely dry. Already hair will show signs of straightening but is still frizzy and dry and lacks shine. Straightness would not last. While you are getting prepared to straighten your hair, turn on the hair straightener so it can get hot by the time you start to use it. If your hair is medium to long, put your hair into four sections, use clips to separate the hair so that you can concentrate on one section at a time. Starting at the front with a small section of hair, use the straightener down the length in a swift smooth motion. Take out the clip in the hair and straighten the hair from the roots all the way to the tip of it. Do it again with the rest of your hair until it completely straightens and curls free. Repeat the process if you still find some curls or waves in the hair. Repeat this step on the next section and continue using small sections right round the head. Always run the hair straightener from the top, down the hairs length and continue until straightener runs off the hair at the end and hair falls away. Do not stop at any point and try to keep the sweep even and consistent. On larger sections, you may need to repeat the run with the straightener 2-3 times. Once the majority of hair has been straightened finish the style by blending at the ends. After you’re finished, comb the straightened hair thoroughly and begin to style it whatever way you wish.

At the end of this exercise, you should be left with sleek, shiny, frizz-free, straight hair, which should last a long time and make you the cynosure of all eyes in your group. To sum up, with all of the above in mind, getting that straight mane we’ve always dreamed of should be only half an hour of styling away. Become a self-styled guru on how to have straight hair! The best hair oil for hair care is Mira hair oil, this oil is known to stop hair loss and promote the growth of healthy hair. Mira hair oil does it all.

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