How to Find Good Tattoo Artists

How to Find Good Tattoo Artists

Many doubts arise when choosing the professional to make the tattoo. Here\’s how to find someone competent and who will not let you down.

Getting a tattoo is a way to eternalize something important or externalize some internal feeling or feature.

Before making the decision to get a tattoo, one should think very well and take some points into consideration, since it is a very difficult and painful mark to remove.

In addition to being sure of what you want to tattoo, finding a good professional is essential for your tattoo to look the way you dreamed. So the outcome is more likely to be legal and you will not regret it.


4 Tips To Finding A Good Tattoo Artist

How to Find Good Tattoo Artists

Deciding where or with whom to make your tattoo is no easy task, especially if it is your first. But, already advance that the best option is not to choose the studio closer to your house and yes what passes to you more confidence.

Here are some factors to consider and attitudes you can take in trying to identify a good tattoo artist:

Set the style of tattoo you want: Knowing what type of tattoo you want to make, it is easier to find good professionals after all the style of drawing serves as a filter. Look for names that have experience or do a job that pleases you, in the style you want.

Consider the studio environment: The studio is, to a certain extent, a reflection of the tattoo artist\’s work. Analyzing the decor, the way the studio is treated and the audience can help you understand more about the style of tattoos done there and whether it is a space that gives you confidence to make your tattoo. The environment should also please you, because depending on the size of the tattoo, you will spend a few hours in that place.

However, more important than these “indirect” issues, is to analyze the conditions of cleanliness and hygiene of the space, how the sterilization process of the equipment is done and also if the products used are of quality.

Talk to the professional: Nothing better than a conversation to feel if the tattoo artist gives you confidence or not. When scheduling a visit you can know the studio, see some tattoo artist\’s work, discuss your ideas and get your questions answered!

Look for pointers: Friends and other trusted people are also great sources for good tattoo artists, after all they can tell you in detail how the tattooist is, whether the experience was cool or had any negative points, as well as questions about pain and values.


Brazilian tattoo artists to know, follow and inspire

To help you in the process, we have selected tattoo artists who are referenced in each style and perhaps, if they are from your city, they may be good options for you to bet!

If the list does not have a name of your city, the selected tattooists are also good sources of inspiration, both for those who are passionate about the art of tattooing and for those who are crazy to make one.

If you want a tattoo with watercolor

The watercolor tattoos are lovely and perfect for anyone looking for a more organic paint style. In this technique, the ink is diluted in water, gaining different tonalities and effects of splashes and strokes.

  1. Victor Octaviano: Victor is one of the names that could not miss the list of watercolor tattoos after all his trait and his painting is unique and full of fluidity. He attends in São Paulo and has a busy schedule.
  2. Felipe Bernardes: Felipe attends the Maori Tattoo Studio, located in Serra, Espírito Santo. He is a star in combining watercolor painting with geometric strokes and creates tattoos full of color and attitude!
  3. Felipe Mello: The details and the type “draft” are present in the style of Felipe Mello, who is from Rio de Janeiro, but with a more punctual presence of color. The result is lovely tattoos regardless of the type of drawing, delicate or obscure. He attends in Rio, but he has his agenda packed with trips to other capitals, who knows what happens to him?
  4. Paulo Victor Skaz: Paulo is from Recife and has a style that he himself defines as surrealistic and abstract, his watercolors are full of nuances that seduce those who look. Get on his Instagram to check it out!
  5. Tavares: With splashes, vibrant colors and personality to spare, this artist from Porto Alegre is a good request for those looking for an original and exclusive tattoo. In addition to its beautiful watercolors, the Tavares also works with the realistic style.
  6. Amanda Roosevelt: Amanda is a tattoo artist and illustrator from Fortaleza who makes incredible tattoos in watercolor. She excels in botanical tattoos and creates stunning drawings that depict flowers, leaves, and trees. Take a look at her Instagram that you will not regret!

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