How to Do Professional Makeup at Home

How to Do Professional Makeup at Home

How to Do Professional Makeup at Home – If you want to learn all the secrets of a professional makeup, I invite you to stay at this website, we all know that achieving impeccable makeup brings tricks that often we do not know, in this post we share how to make a professional makeup step by step .
Take your notebook, because the tips that we will see now are so good that it is worth pointing them out and putting them into practice in your next makeup.
The goal of all our makeup is to look spectacular, either for day or night, that’s why the tutorials that we will see below adapt to any makeup style, follow the techniques of how a professional does it and note the changes in your makeup.

How to Do Professional Makeup at Home


How to Do Professional Makeup at Home

Step 1.– Proper use of correctors, If you have brown or purple circles, use correctors in peach tones. Then apply with the help of a brush the correct cream yellow base tone more than your skin. Click here To learn how to hide granites with the use of the concealer.

Step 2.– Proper use of the base . – Use a sponge to apply the base in areas that need to be unified, such as around the nose, to cover the entire face with a brush (if you like to use your fingers, they always have to be clean to avoid infections).

Step 3.– Powder and bronzer: Nobody likes the lines under the eyes, so it is better to use loose powders on the concealer. If you have oily skin, apply powders on the entire face. If you want a warm touch in your face, apply bronzing powder on the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.

Step 4.– Use blush.- The correct way to apply it is, the first smile, and in the highest part of the cheek apply the blush, then diffuse it towards the hairline and then down to soften it. And finally, give a touch of brightness on the highest part of the cheeks.

Step 5-6.– Lipstick / gloss / Lipliner. – Use the natural color of your lips to choose your lip color. The ideal will be the most similar or a little darker than your natural tone. For a better finish and that your lipstick does not go away so quickly, delineate it after applying the color on your lips, use a brush to soften the edges.

Step 7.– Eyebrows, If you like to see it natural, use eyeshadow that resembles the color of your hair. Soften the color by pressing with loose powders and a sponge.

Step 8.– Eyeshadows, Apply a light eyeshadow from the lash line towards the arch of the eyebrow. Use a medium tone on the mobile eyelid, up to the crease.

Step 9.– Eyeliner, Outline the line of the lashes of the upper eyelid with a dark eyeshadow, applying it is a delineating brush. If you want it to last longer, moisten the jail before taking the shade.

Step 10.– Mascara. -If you want to achieve a greater impact, it is best to use a black mask (mascara) Choose the brown tone for a softer look. Bring the brush from the base to the tips while you turn it to separate the eyelashes and avoid lumps.
Curl your lashes before applying the mascara.

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