How to do Liquid Eyeliner Wings

How to do Liquid Eyeliner Wings

How to do Liquid Eyeliner Wings – Getting the right Swoosh, shape, and film can be Difficult. here, Our beauty blogger explains why pencil eyeliners are easier to control than brushes as a rule, and shows us how to get the shape in four easy steps

We all have good days eyeliner and bad eyeliner days; times when invented eyes don’t even look like friends, let alone Sisters. But for me, it’s worth experimenting to find a Swoosh that fits your eye shape,–and can be mirrored symmetrically–because there’s nothing like the winged liner to complete a look. Practice makes the Master. This is how I make my-using the best liner I have found, the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc ‘ er liquid eyeliner Pen at Blacquer. I think the pencil eyeliners a little easier to say than brushes, so if you are new to the winged eyeliner, this Magic Marc ‘ er can become your new best friend.

How to do Liquid Eyeliner Wings


How to do Liquid Eyeliner Wings

Step 1

I start with the simple shadow as a basis to complement the Eyeliner. I love to improvise with makeup, so I usually use a blush palette as a shadow. Bright Blush by 3 paddles in called Wonders works for this; It has just as much pigment as a standard shadow Palette. After that, I sketched the liner, drawing a short line from the outside corner of the eye, as if after the curve of the line of the lower Lashes.


Step 2

Draw a line completely through the upper eyelid, from the lacrimal duct to the outer edge of the bottom line. It helps if you pull the corner eye a bit, to flatten the skin, so that the backing will continue Smoothly.


Step 3

Fill the gaps between the outer point of the liner and the eyelash line, making sure not to leave empty space.


Step 4

Add the final finishing touches to your Look. I love a good enhancement in my lacrimal duct and forehead bone, so I used the elegant highlighting palette in Cleopatra’s kiss. Feel free to personalize your eyeliner the way you want; Don’t be afraid to take the thickest line, or make it thinner, to suit your eye shape. I finished my gaze with a pair of my favorite eyelashes present by Huda Beauty in Noelle’s style; I love his Samantha style, too, which gives a beautiful, dim effect.

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