How to do Drag Queen Makeup

How to do Drag Queen Makeup

How to do Drag Queen Makeup –┬áManila Luzon, Latrice Royale, Raja and now Conchita (with her beard)-stunning queens of beauty in their own rights; Willing to make women naturally born have a career for their appearance and money too.

Yes, we’re talking about drag queens and artists–a community so vibrant and without a trial, thanks to the likes of His RuPaul Highness, drag queens around the world have a platform and self-recognition.

How to do Drag Queen Makeup

But have you looked at her makeup? If you would like to learn how to drag the doll from the community beauties of the Queen, here is the scoop! Go ahead, read it!


“Dresses and big hair “

A famous line of the song Chop, Manila Luzon and Latrice Royale. That’s exactly what the concept of drag makeup is all about-it’s high and with a clear positive statement to make. But first, ten tips on how to get the right makeup!

  • It is important to maintain a skin regimen, which would help keep the facial structure healthy and smooth. Applying makeup directly to a dry, boring face is not the right thing to do.
  • False eyelashes should not be feared–they bring the female touch. When applying eyelashes to the natural lash line, the glue used should be set at least fifteen to twenty seconds before the lashes are placed. After this, a liquid liner of a recognized brand should be used to help secure the tabs and seal them in place.
  • To create an illusion of a thin look at the face, the contour is a necessity. Contour helps to accentuate the cheekbones and the jaw line, bringing a sexy definition to the whole person.
  • Looking for the correct cover-up it would be best to hide all the spots, marks, lines, spots, wrinkles and works. To help you mask the dark circles, an orange hideout would work better. For yellow and whiteheads or stains on the skin, use a yellow simulator, and if you have red marks on the face, try the green.
  • The eyebrow bone needs a bit of shine and shine as well, and for that, the use of glitter powder or a light simulator would be better to use.
  • The reflex powder can also be used in place of brightness if you like the effects of the non-disc ball. The same can be used to set the lip gloss, to contour, and to bring a sharp touch as well.
  • Mixing is the key, which, if not done the right way, would make it look like a mess. You need to use the right composition tools and the right technique.
  • Stews, Dears! And for that, you would need to apply the lipstick to the center of the lips, and give it a mixture out. Finish with a shade of your favorite lip gloss!
  • A pinch of translucent dust defines the appearance.
  • For the eyes, use the renowned mascara for thick eyelashes If you don’t want to wear wigs.

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