How to do Airbrush Makeup at Home

How to do Airbrush Makeup at Home

How to do Airbrush Makeup at Home – Has not it happened to you that your liquid or powder base never leaves your baby skin face? Do you feel that your shadow tones never mix well? If you were looking for a makeup method that has incredible results on your skin, leaving it perfect and with precise color, airbrush makeup is for you. Today, at Beauty Web, we tell you everything you need to know about this new and miraculous technique.

Are you familiar with airbrushes? These devices are generally used to paint walls, bars, etc., and have a great advantage over conventional brushes and rollers: the paint is spread by a fine spray, which makes the finish more uniform and delicate.

How to do Airbrush Makeup at Home

Well, these advantages are now at your fingertips, and you can take advantage of them in your day-to-day makeup to be a goddess of perfect skin. Even some celebrities, like AnnaLynne McCord of Nip / Tuck and 90210, already use it.


How is the airbrush used in makeup?

Although it is an old technique, airbrush machining has recently gained popularity in recent years, since the high definition of televisions, and of technological devices in general, left in evidence some imperfections of actors and actresses. Therefore, makeup studios began using the airbrush to get better results. Today, airbrush makeup is used in many salons around the world, and even sell them to use at home whenever you want.

The airbrush is compact, practical and super easy to use, you should not be a professional make-up artist to master it; but yes, it is necessary to have a firm pulse to get the best results. The procedure is super easy! In the next video, you will see how you can make yourself an airbrush.


Some recommendations

Wash and clean your face thoroughly before beginning to make up.

Remember to keep your eyes closed when applying makeup close to them.


Advantages of airbrush makeup

If you already tired of traditional makeup, with brushes, principles, and sponges, here I tell you about some of the advantages of airbrush makeup so you can decide to try it.


1. Perfect finish

The constant spray of the airbrush will make you forget about the lumps or uneven areas caused by brushes and sponges. That is why the airbrush is the ideal instrument if you want to achieve brilliant results; The procedure is similar to that of spray tanning.

2. Get a more natural look

If we do calculations, you would be applying 75% less makeup, since the airbrush applies the necessary amount on your face so that the small particles of makeup are practically imperceptible.

3. Quick results

The average application time is only 3 minutes!

4. Super ver┼Ťatil

The same airbrush allows you to apply foundation, shadows, lipstick, and eyebrow makeup. You can even use it to cover some imperfection in areas such as the neck or back.


Where can I get my airbrush?

If at this point of the post you are desperate to have your own airbrush at home, I tell you that it is not easy to achieve. There are thousands of web pages of brands specialized in makeup products that already offer specialized airbrushes and makeup.

If it comes to makeup, the best brands among which you can choose are Temptu and Dinair, which have a high prestige in the American scene. In addition, now you can get them both on their website and in other specialized online stores where you can also buy the necessary makeup in thousands of colors and shades. This Iwata airbrush, for example, is worth 81 euros.

And do not worry, the makeup prices for shadows, lips, and base are also reasonable. In Dinair and Temptu, the prices are competitive.

So, either to modernize the makeup techniques of your beauty salon or simply to be perfect every day and at the time you want, bet on airbrush makeup. And if you already tried it, tell me about your experience!

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