How to Cover Freckles with Makeup

How to Cover Freckles with Makeup

How to hide freckles on face with makeup – When you have a face full of freckles, covering them with foundations just feels bad. So how do you get a killer Makeover look while still repping your favorite beauty marks? Here are the best tips and tricks to embrace your freckles.

How to Cover Freckles with Makeup

how to cover your freckles with makeup


How to Cover Your Freckles with Makeup

  1. Choose a lighter base.  “The key to the foundation you use when you have freckles is to choose one that creates a neat veil on the skin. Anything with too much opacity will make freckles look muddy, “says Mac Cosmetics senior makeup artist Michelle Clark. Try a bb cream like the cream of Marcele BB golden Glow, or a stained moisturizer, or for a little more cover to go with a light foundation such as BareMinerals BareSkin Pure Foundation of polishing serum.
  2. Use your forehead pencil to amplify your freckles. In the middle of winter, your Frecks may be disappearing, so you get the sun kisun-kissedo use the forehead pencil lightly to “deepen” your freckles. Clark says: “Using a pencil on your forehead will add subtle depth, but remain constant with your complexion. “
  3. Use your neck to find the perfect color of the foundation. Choosing the right base color is difficult, but it can be a little more complicated when you have freckles. Clark recommends that it coincides with the shadow of the neck. The easiest way to find your foundation color when you have freckles is to look at the overall color of your face and neck your freckles. Looking at the neck is important because it is easy to go too dark, which can make freckles look messy, “says Clark.
  4. Fill in the gaps. If your Frecks doesn’t show up everywhere you’d like, the French ambassador makeup new York, Carole Colombani recommends using some different eyebrow pencils to fill in the spaces. She says to use a brown pencil and a blonde eyebrow because they have a gray/green hue-and that make them look natural on the skin and a dark beige lipstick. The mixture of the three will give the perfect natural finish. “
  5. Cover your entire pot in the maple liner before applying the lipstick.  “The best trick to neutralize freckles on your lip and prevent it from coming through your lipstick is to find a lipstick that is the same shade as the color of your natural lip,” says Clark.
  6. Look for “Sheer” makeup. Blushes and foundations that have ‘ Sheer ‘ in the name tend to have a finer consistency that does not cover your freckles.
  7. Turn on the suntan lotion.  “When it comes to tanning skin with freckles, it’s best to use a large soft natural hair brush to gently sweep in color,” says Clark.  “Start by warming up the high planes of the face, where the sun drums: cheekbones, temples, bridge of the nose and a sole on the chin. “
  8. Use the corrector instead of a complete face of the foundation. Spot correction will cover defects without putting a cushion on your freckles. It’s the best way to create “perfected, but still real skin”, according to Clark. If you want more coverage, opt for BB creams and blush cream instead of regular basis. They are much lighter and offer less dense coverage, adds Colombani.
  9. No contour. Contour can easily overwhelm your freckled face and Clark says you should proceed with caution.

Okay, this is how to cover your freckles with makeup, if you know any tips, please comment…..

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