How to Apply Simple Makeup for Beginners

How to Apply Simple Makeup for Beginners

How to Apply Simple Makeup for Beginners – If you are one of those who are taking their first steps in the world of makeup, and you are a little lost, you have come to the right place!

How to Apply Simple Makeup for Beginners

We are going to give you some tips to start making up and get the best out of you. Surely since you’re a girl you’ve taken off your mother’s makeup and hidden you’ve given some touches (exaggerated) of rouge or you’ve painted your lips red, right? Well, do not do it anymore! The first few times you put on makeup, you should show a simple make-up highlighting your natural beauty. We know that you really want to show your face makeup, but do not pass, record this sentence: less is more. That does not mean that you do not go almost make-up, you can highlight all your features but with the right touch of makeup. Do not you know where the middle term is? Well, we are here to help you! Follow the fundamental tricks for good makeup and practice step by step to see yourself radiant.


Makeup Tutorial To Take Your First Steps In The Beauty World

It’s time to do magic. Enjoy your new look. It shows a fresh and flattering styling! We begin:

  1. Start your makeup by applying a light cream to hydrate your entire face. This will show your hydrated, juicy face and you will use it as a first step before applying your base.
  2. For the foundation of makeup, we recommend Dream Matte Mousse. It is super easy to apply because it is done with the fingers. By having a mousse texture you will see how the finish is smooth and also mattifies all those annoying glitters. To distribute it evenly over the face with the help of your fingers, do it in movements from the center of the face outwards. Blend well reaching the hairline and in the jaw area.
  3. Next, select Master Blush and add a slight touch of color to your cheeks. Choose to show sticky pink tones or a very natural nude. Simply apply while smiling on the apples of your cheeks and show a healthy face. Never forget your blusher!
  4. Then, apply the mask Lash Intense Black SENSATIONAL to maximize your look. Try to do it only on your upper lashes as a first step. They are the perfect compliment!
  5. The final touch of the look you will get makeup your eyebrows, yes, your eyebrows !. Choose the Brow Drama Pomade eyebrow jumbo. Get beautiful eyebrows in just one pass for instantly sculpted and disciplined eyebrows. How to do it? Very simple! You will only need one step: pass the product from the beginning of the eyebrow to the tip.
  6. And finally, a slight shine and color on the lips with Baby Lips Balm & Blush. You do not even need a mirror to apply it! You can even use it to give a translucent tone to your cheeks and use it as a rouge. This is your chance to shine!

How do you see yourself now? Great! Have you seen how it was not so complicated? This is the perfect makeup for beginners. Power your features and show your best face. These are your first steps in the beauty world, from here to stardom!

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