How to Apply Eyeliner on Lower Lid

How to Apply Eyeliner on Lower Lid

How to Apply Eyeliner on Lower Lid – If You’ve ever had a half-inch thick black eyeliner liner your eyes as a teenager–and not all of us? — so you know very well how complicated the background eyeliner can Be. Do it properly, and you have the definition of natural appearance that goes perfectly on your own or with another eye composition; Do it wrong and, well, It just doesn’t look good. As simple as That.

luckily, applying eyeliner to your bottom cover on the right path is not really difficult-you just need to be approached with a little more caution. We’ll tell you how to do it.

Get your pencil eyeliner newly sharpened in the ready, follow these steps and hints, and you will master the perfect background eyeliner look in no Time.


How to Apply Eyeliner on Lower Lid

How to Apply Eyeliner on Lower Lid

Keep your lines thin

Keep the eyeliner in the thin and discreet lower cover. The obvious trap of inferior eyeliner is that it can create the impression of dark circles your eyes, which nobody wants. Keeping the line thin and soft using the tip side of your pencil lining, instead of pressing down, is the key to avoid obscuring your eyes.


Align the three fourth outer parts of the eye, avoiding the inner corner

Adding dark lining to the inner corner of the eye “closes” The eye and makes it look smaller-that’s what you don’t Want.

instead, Use a light hand to outline a soft line just below your lower eyelashes, so that there is some float exposed to keep the area looking light-it will add the definition you are looking for without changing the proportions of your eyes.


Do not align the inner edge

The liner of the water line in black to set the eyes grew in popularity in recent years, but we strongly recommend you not, especially in the lower lash line. It will not only make your eyes look darker and smaller (are you feeling a subject here?) but the potential repercussions of ocular health-infection, itching and just the functioning of the Mill’s irritation-make it even more appealing. avoid, avoid, Avoid.


Be careful with the mixture

You want to mix the lining in the lash line and the edges so it seems defined naturally, rather than rough, but the mixture too can throw a gray mask around the area, which, again, contribute to the appearance of the Dark Circles. Mix and side by side, and if you notice the lining starting to make your eyes look a little dull, it’s time to stop mixing and start cleaning.


Always clean after

yes, Always. The dark, stained liner that extends too far below the lash line will make it look tired and, worse for wear, not bright-eyed and Bush-tied. A sharp Q-Tip immersed in the remover will clean the area so that your eyes stand out the way you want Them-as in, people will ask you how to get the same look, not if you have been up all night.

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