How Often Should We Reapply The Sunscreen during The Day?

How Often Should We Reapply The Sunscreen during The Day

The use of sunscreen should be done every day and not only in outdoor leisure moments (in which there is greater contact with the sunlight), according to the Brazilian Society of Dermatology. This is because, when going out into the street, everyone is exposed to the action of ultraviolet rays, which accelerate the aging process of the skin. Ideally, sunscreen should be reapplied on the face at least twice every day.

How Often Should We Reapply The Sunscreen during The Day


Sunscreen should be used even on cloudy days

“The recommendation is to use the sunscreen twice a day and, in case of more intense exposure, reapply whenever necessary. Often there is excessive sweating or washing occurs from exposed areas, so it is important to reapply for the protective effect to remain, “explains dermatologist Vanessa Kodani.

Even the sunscreen should be used and reapplied even on cloudy days, as dangerous sunrays can cross the clouds and come into contact with the skin. It is very important to take this seriously because common sense makes many believe that the filter should only be applied on sunny days. So you think you are protecting yourself properly but your skin still suffers on cloudy days.


Skin protection measures that work in conjunction with the sunscreen

In addition to the sunscreen, it is recommended to bet on complementary physical protections, such as a hat, sunglasses, suitable clothes and parasol (specifically on beach days). The combination of all these care will be the differential to keep the skin well protected and therefore well cared for and with prolonged youth.

“The use of sunscreen should also be associated with other measures important for the maintenance of healthy skin. Good nutrition, for example, from where will come the nutrients necessary for the skin to be healthy to produce its own natural protectors and eliminate free radicals; regular physical activity, which makes your body as a whole be well and consequently your skin; and stress control, which will also help reduce the free radicals produced in the body, “says the doctor.

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