Black Clay for Skin and Hair

Black Clay for Skin and Hair

Black clay, also known as volcanic mud, is a material composed of elements with rich properties. It is the noblest of all clays. To get it, it is necessary to descend 4 meters below the surface, where the levels of aluminum and silicon are very high and those of iron is very low.

Black Clay for Skin and Hair


Properties of Black Clay

The clay is a natural material, composed of extremely small particles of minimized silicate (or aluminum silicate), in addition to several trace elements, highlighting among the minerals found, silicon – second most abundant element in nature. It also contains titanium, magnesium, copper, zinc, aluminum, calcium, potassium, nickel, manganese, lithium, sodium, and iron. The minerals found in clays act as potentiators of certain effects, depending on their concentration.

It promotes absorbent, healing and antiseptic action. Black clay is normalizing and healing, thanks to its free electrons, which give it also energetic, radionic and ionic capabilities. Its action is mainly cosmetic, but it also helps in the treatment of diseases. Its high amounts of silicon and aluminum make it highly rejuvenating.


Benefits of Black Clay for Skin

Used for skin inflammation treatments for centuries, only recently have scientific studies demonstrated the antibacterial power of natural clay in the treatment of skin. This property has demonstrated excellent results in controlling acne and other skin infections.

Scientists have also been demonstrating the effectiveness of the topical application of clay in the increased production of collagen by the skin.

Black clay has a large and concentrated amount of organic matter and sulfur and is therefore recommended for many skin treatments.

The properties of black clay provide an incredible absorption of residues that may be impregnated in the skin. They have a detoxifying effect, even removing particles from the pollution we are exposed to on a daily basis that can get in our cells.

Its decongestant action cleans the pores deeply, providing smooth and clean skin.

Its bactericidal and anti-inflammatory functions are strong allies against pimples, inflammations and superficial bruises on the skin.

In addition to accelerating the healing process of existing pimples, black clay prevents the appearance of new infections. Deep cleansing is responsible for acnes-free skin. Because it has an incredible ability to accelerate cell regeneration, black clay can be great healing.


Black Clay Mask Recipe

  • Black clay
  • Saline
  • Rosehip oil

In a plastic container (never metal, because of the ion exchanges), separate a spoon of black powdered clay.

Go slowly adding a tablespoon of saline. Always stir while adding water. Add 5 drops of rosehip oil. Mix well.

When the consistency resembles that of a paste, your blend is ready. Apply to clean skin and leave on for 20 minutes and then rinse face thoroughly.

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