5 Perfect Natural Options to Combat Stretch Marks

5 Perfect Natural Options to Combat Stretch Marks

If you have tried everything and nothing has worked, it may be time to try these options.

5 Perfect Natural Options to Combat Stretch Marks

Let\’s be honest: stretch marks are one of those skin problems that tend to bother us all (or most). They occur due to stretching of the layers during pregnancy, muscle gain, growth, or weight gain. This drawback often affects people\’s self-esteem and although it is true that it is difficult to eliminate them, here are some good options to mitigate them:

> Carrot and honey. Its nutrients help repair broken fibers and allow you to achieve skin with a more even tone thanks to its high content of vitamins A and C, amino acids and enzymes. To apply it, make a puree with the carrots and mix it with the honey. Then rub the cream on the stretch marks and leave it to act for 40 minutes.

> Potato and lemon juice. It is ideal for skincare. How to use is simple: prepare the mixture and place it every night before sleeping on the stretch marks.

> Peach and olive oil. The antioxidants of the peach bind with the fatty acids of olive oil to provide us with an effective treatment against white stretch marks and scars. As in the previous case, both elements are joined and applied in cream on the affected area.

> Horsetail. Its properties help tone the skin and improve circulation for an optimal regeneration process. To use it, the ideal is to mix horsetail with a little alcohol and lemon juice, and then apply it to the areas affected by stretch marks for several consecutive days.

> Sage oil and wheat germ oil.   It is a treatment rich in vitamin E, fatty acids and amino acids and therefore it is perfect to help regenerate skin cells. Put all the ingredients together and apply them to the area and voila!

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